Back to School Food Tips for Teens


Back to school is very exciting for kids of every age. Buying new school cloths and supplies but what we usually forget to plan for is how we eat! I interviewed several teens for this article to learn more about their habits and what they want to know about eating healthier. So for all you teens that are getting ready to head back to school don’t forget the most important school supply of all food! Fuel your brain and body right with good foods! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t miss it. I was not surprised to hear that most teenagers miss breakfast during the … [Read more...]

Permanent Summer Slimdown

This is such a hot topic at this time of year. Suddenly we are faced with the reality that the layers of clothing we have been wearing over the last few months will slowly need to be peeled off. The thoughts of the extra comfort food that we have been indulging in over the months coupled with the missed training sessions because of the cold have added the kilo’s on. Rather than beat yourself up over the added weight embrace the time you enjoyed over the cold months because there is no use dwelling on something that can not be changed. Now you need to step up to the challenge of making a few … [Read more...]