Free Weights vs. Machines?

free weight girl

Q.  If all things are equal will I get faster results from free weights or from machines? A. Unless you have an injury free weights should always be your choice of exercise for several reasons. Here are a few advantages of free weights: – Using barbells & dumbbells are much more effective in strengthing/developing synergistic muscles, e.g. rotator cuff. – Biomechanically free weights match the natural movements of the body. – Overall you will develop greater strength & size using free weights. – Overall power is achieved much more efficiently. Here are a few … [Read more...]

The Story on Strength…


Q: A friend of mine told me he read that there are many types of strength, but he could not explain their differences. Can you clarify? A: Your friend is correct. There ARE many types of strength. Let’s take a quick look at each… Limit Strength: this is defined as the maximum amount of force your muscles can produce. This type of strength is not likely to be seen except under the most extreme of circumstances, such as life-threatening situations or under the influence of certain drugs…PCP for example. Maximal Strength: this is defined a the most force your muscles can produce … [Read more...]

3rd Trimester Exercise and Nutrition

Erin and Corry Pregnant

You’ve finally reached the home stretch!  You’re 2/3 of the way through, maybe even picked out baby names, nursery colors and are beginning to nest.  So before you think about slowing down your exercise routine or indulging in those extra treats because you are almost done, read this!   1.      Maintain your workouts – Some experts even recommend ramping up the amount of exercise you do in the 3rd trimester.  Why, the additional fluid and body fat on your body causes swelling and achy joints.  If you keep moving, not only will your body feel better but you will reduce your overall weight … [Read more...]

Back to School, Back to Fitness Basics


The summer season is about to wind down quickly and the kids are headed back to school. The first week or so of school is typically getting back into good study habits, remembering note taking skills, and using the basic learning tools.   The same should apply when you are beginning or refreshing your fitness routine. Going back to the basics is always a solid building block to set your foundation. With good form and fitness techniques, you are bound to get results faster, safer, and better quality. Here are the TOP 5 form reminders to remember during your "Back to Basics" … [Read more...]