Beating the Odds of Hyperthyroidism – Jane Montoya


I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism during a difficult time in my life and with limited means to research the condition it just made it all the harder for me to come to terms with. My weight when diagnosed was 110lbs and when I was finally treated one year later with a radioactive capsule it rose to 145lbs- added to which I began losing my hair which left me feeling devastated and depressed. In addition to this I had Graves’s disease and endured three eye surgeries to normalize the appearance of my eyes to the point where my eyeballs no longer look so protruded. The vanity I admit to … [Read more...]

Guy’s Guide To Slim Trim Grilling


The summer months mean it’s time for the guys to put on their aprons and dust off the grill. It seems all men are in their element with charcoal and spatula. Summer is also a time we want to slim down as we replace the sweaters and coats with shorts and bathing suits. So guys how can you get those flat abs back and still enjoy the back yard BBQ? It’s easy! Choose lean proteins. Not only do high fat meats add unwanted calories they also can have a negative effect on heart health. Instead of choosing high fat meats like ribs, sausage and prime rib choose leaner cuts. Try salmon, shrimp … [Read more...]

June 2012 Letter from the Editor – Summer Slimdown & Men’s Health

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Hi eFitFamily Readers! Thank you for staying connected with us!  We are enjoying the sunshine with tips for slimming down this summer and men’s health. We continue to bring simple steps to help you live healthier every single day.  Whether you are determined to trim down for your favorite new swimsuit, feel the energetic benefits of exercise and healthy nutrition, or reduce health risks, we strive to provide information and inspiration for overall health.  Enjoy quality family time as the school year ends and explore more healthy lifestyle choices with us!  Happy Summer! :) … [Read more...]



Arthritis is one of the most debilitating conditions affecting mostly people over the age of 55. It doesn't only affect that specific age group, but also a percentage of young adults. It's not just a simple disease but a group of conditions that may cause damage not only to your bones but also to other organs in the body. Different forms of arthritis manifest different symptoms. Common symptoms of arthritis include: persistent joint pain; tenderness in a joint which is aggravated by movement; inflammation indicated by joint swelling, stiffness, redness, and/or warmth; pain and stiffness in … [Read more...]