Join Men Support Groups for Healing and Advice

men support groups

Our society places men and women into specific roles with expected outcomes for each group. A man is taught the unacceptability of the release of emotions. For example, it is more socially acceptable for a woman to cry than a man. Having an environment in which to express emotion and discuss men’s roles in our society in a safe environment is crucial. Men support groups have popped up around the country to fill this need. Financial burdens and everyday life stressors can be overwhelming for anyone. Men have been programmed to “be tough” and to hold their thoughts and emotions inside of … [Read more...]

Guy’s Guide To Slim Trim Grilling


The summer months mean it’s time for the guys to put on their aprons and dust off the grill. It seems all men are in their element with charcoal and spatula. Summer is also a time we want to slim down as we replace the sweaters and coats with shorts and bathing suits. So guys how can you get those flat abs back and still enjoy the back yard BBQ? It’s easy! Choose lean proteins. Not only do high fat meats add unwanted calories they also can have a negative effect on heart health. Instead of choosing high fat meats like ribs, sausage and prime rib choose leaner cuts. Try salmon, shrimp … [Read more...]

June 2012 Letter from the Editor – Summer Slimdown & Men’s Health

beach fitness

Hi eFitFamily Readers! Thank you for staying connected with us!  We are enjoying the sunshine with tips for slimming down this summer and men’s health. We continue to bring simple steps to help you live healthier every single day.  Whether you are determined to trim down for your favorite new swimsuit, feel the energetic benefits of exercise and healthy nutrition, or reduce health risks, we strive to provide information and inspiration for overall health.  Enjoy quality family time as the school year ends and explore more healthy lifestyle choices with us!  Happy Summer! :) … [Read more...]


no carbs

This month I will continue my discussion of why I feel that a zero-carb approach to dieting might be counter-productive when trying to achieve not only ideal health, but your ideal body. Thus far I have mentioned that a lack of any carbohydrates in the diet will also cause a lack of insulin, which can compromise one’s ability to rapidly and efficiently uptake amino acids, glucose, creatine and other muscle building compounds into muscle cells at several critical times during the day. As well, this lack of insulin will also result in higher levels of circulating cortisol, which can cause a … [Read more...]