Foods and Breast Cancer


October is breast cancer awareness month. As a dietitian I am frequently asked what measures can be taken to decrease the risk of cancer. The truth is no special food or diet can prevent you from getting breast cancer, or cure your cancer if you have been diagnosed. However, some foods can help reduce risk. As with most disease there are risk factors that are controllable and others that are not. The non-controllable risk factors associated with breast cancer are: family history, genetics, gender as women are nearly 100 times more likely to develop breast cancer then men, risk increases … [Read more...]

Happy wife = happy heart


You've heard the expression "A happy wife equals a happy life", right? Well what about "A happy wife equals a happy heart"? Believe it or not, but they ARE related. In October of last year, I got married :) For the first and ONLY time! When we made the decision to tie the knot, we couldn't be happier! Planning the wedding was so exciting. However, it was interesting to listen to people around us and their reactions to the announcement, particularly my soon-to-be husband's friends..."why would you do that"..."the old ball and chain"..."are you crazy? I'd love to get rid of my wife", and on … [Read more...]

Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First

oxygen mask

When you take a flight, each airline has a safety debriefing.  The stewardess stands in the middle of the isle demonstrating the message of putting on your own oxygen mask first.  The message is understandable, if you aren't breathing, how could you possibly save someone else's life.  This message holds true in our everyday life as well.  Many times we put off our own needs and health to prioritize others first.  Kids, family, spouses, significant others, work, errands, friends, all of these can cut into the time of your own needs.  And while serving all of these things or attempting to be … [Read more...]

9 Months of Resolutions

mom baby

What’s so special about 9 months?  Well, for starters, it is how long it takes for the human body to create new life and bring it to term, it’s also the amount of time that mom’s should give themselves to get back into shape – at the very least! For some moms it will happen quicker and others it will take longer, but the key is to not rush your body.  Here are some “resolutions” to help you get your body back over 9 months.  Not a “brand new” mom, these exercises will still work for any mom returning to fitness! Month 1: Nice and easy Your body is in major recovery mode right now.  If … [Read more...]