Fitness Time Well Spent

Half Moon bind

  August is hot in most parts of the country but not so much here in sunny southern California. Fortunately we have had moderate temperatures, and we all get to enjoy summer a  little longer before kids go back to school. Whether your kids are starting school or have started, now is the perfect time to begin mapping out the new fitness goals and routines. It seems like the optimal time to begin a new exercise program once the kids are off to school, and your schedule begins to have a little consistency. Now it just becomes a matter of using your time wisely.   It has … [Read more...]



Ayurvedic medicine is India’s form of ancient medicine. It works on a system of balancing the body’s internal energies by looking at the different temperatures that go inside us. According to this practice, ginger is one of the best foods you can eat.   Because ginger has been around so long, both ancient and modern medicine believes that ginger has numerous benefits. It has anti-cancer properties, great for digestion, and can relieve car sickness by settling the stomach. This is especially helpful for sea sickness and morning sickness for pregnant women. (I have really enjoyed my … [Read more...]

5 Easy Body “Fat Reducing” Tips


Many fitness articles talk about “fat loss”, but I like to use the term “fat reduction”. It is a personal preference of mine that comes from a positive mindset. When you think of “loss” you typically think of something and want it back. For example if you lose your keys you want them back. If you lose a friend or loved one, you want them back. Loss is a mindset that you create. So, since I don’t want to find the fat again, I don’t like to use the term fat loss. (I certainly never get sad when I “lose body fat”.)   If I were to use the mindset with “loss in it, my mind may tell me … [Read more...]

Permanent Summer Slimdown

This is such a hot topic at this time of year. Suddenly we are faced with the reality that the layers of clothing we have been wearing over the last few months will slowly need to be peeled off. The thoughts of the extra comfort food that we have been indulging in over the months coupled with the missed training sessions because of the cold have added the kilo’s on. Rather than beat yourself up over the added weight embrace the time you enjoyed over the cold months because there is no use dwelling on something that can not be changed. Now you need to step up to the challenge of making a few … [Read more...]